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Why the air? (2)

Airdnd copies AirbnbAirdnd, the Amsterdam platform for ‘living room restaurants’, changed its name to Sharednd: Share Drinks and Dinner.

Almost two years ago, we posted about the website for online dining in a hobby chef’s living room. The site called itself Airdnd: ‘Air Drink and Dine’. We already wondered how long it would take for Airbnb, the accommodation platform, to take down the website. Apparently 23 months or so.

So why the ‘air’? It seemed like a blatant attempt to ride the coat tails of a very well-known brand. Sharednd’s founder explains: “For us, ‘Air’ has always been synonymous with the economy of sharing, but apparently, Airbnb want to monopolize these three letters, so we decided to change our name.”

It isn’t the first time Airbnb successfully stopped similar branded companies. Earlier Airpnp (a website to find public toilets) and Airbsit (a Belgian babysitting app) had to change their names, after legal action from the rental giant.

Erwin Hauër

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