Wimpy Zombie

“Diary of a Wimpy Kid” is the first of a series of realistic fiction novels by Jeff Kinney. The main character is Greg Heffley, a struggling middle-school child. It is immensely popular, having sold almost 50 million copies since their appearance in 2007!

The author, Kinney, is now suing a comic book publisher. Allegedly, Antarctic Press’s Diary of a Zombie Kid is “substantially similar” to his popular series. According to Kinny Diary of a Zombie Kid is “intended to confuse the public into believing that defendant’s books are addition to such series”. Moreover, the artwork and font have been copied.

The infringement suit was filed this week in the US District Court in Boston, seeking triple damages, legal fees and profits from Diary of a Zombie Kid.

MarkMatters.com is curious who will win: the Wimp or the Zombie?

Source: BBC.

© cartoon: Jeff Kinney

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