Wrestler’s tattoos copyrighted

A tattoo artist is suing a gaming company to claim copyright of her work. Apparently a wrestler’s tattoos in the game WWE 2K18 are a little too realistic.

The company behind WWE’s new game WWE 2K18, a wrestling game, has made wrestler Randy Orton’s character so realistic that they’ve accurately depicted his tattoos in great detail. So much so, the artist behind the work, Catherine Alexander wants restitution.

Alexander is a tattoo artist from Illinois and has been working on Orton’s tattoos dating all the way back to 2003. She claims her work is unique, one of a kind and original works making it her property and not for reproduction or reuse without her permission.

She claims she was offered $450 to use her work in an earlier version of the game. Alexander says she declined the offer at that time and was never contacted again. The tattoos Alexander has the most issue with are the tribal tattoo on his upper back and the full sleeves which include skulls a dove, a rose and a Bible verse.

Our advice? Copyright or not: never mess with a wrestler nor with anyone who works with sharps objects all day long.

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